Is your relationship with food an exhausting battle?


Do you feel like you are at war with your body?


You are not alone and so many of us feel that way. This is not an individual problem, this is a social problem. We have too much food and not enough true nourishment. You are probably overeating because of it, not feeling good about yourself and feeling like the hamster wheel of dieting will never stop. At times you even wonder if you have an eating disorder.


It doesn’t have to be this way. I know that you want to feel “in control” when it comes to food and weight. What you truly want is to be making choices that offer true nourishment so that you can fall in love with yourself again.


Program Benefits

  • Life skills that will never abandon you.

  • Results oriented strategies that are doable and sustainable.

  • Extinguish the sabotaging behaviors that hold you back.

  • Learn to recognize when you are hungry and full.  

  • Eliminate the uncertainty of constant dieting.



What qualifes ME to help YOU?


When I was 16, I gained 25 pounds in 6 weeks and this changed the trajectory of my life. I started going on all the diets…I tried every single one, including fasting. I did not trust myself around food, I always wanted to eat, and I had an unquenchable thirst for sugar. I was always scared that once I started eating anything sweet I wouldn’t stop and usually I didn’t. What was the result? I have gained and lost HUNDREDS of pounds in my lifetime.


As it turned out, at 16 I started on a road that needed to be traveled and I know that I’m not alone in my distaste and dissatisfaction with dieting. Along the way I learned about my body, I read tons about nutrition and I experimented with what felt good to me. Some of my learning was scientific, some of it was experiential and much of what I learned was from formal education.  My body thanked me along the way too, because it does not like to be starved. It wasn’t until I learned after many decades that it wasn’t the food, but my relationship with food that was causing the roller coaster. Instead of abandoning my body I slayed the sugar addiction, learned how to have a rewarding relationship with food that keeps me healthy and satisfied and best of all, my mind is free of obessive thoughts about food.

Let me help you end your struggle with food and starting living a life you love!

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