Are You Sabotaging Your Own Best Intentions

We all have moments when we sabotage ourselves.

Our best intentions seem to disintegrate into the ethers and we forget why we were denying ourselves; until afterwards when we feel terrible about what just occurred.

Sabotage is not our friend, but it is a great place to begin growing out of habits that don’t serve us any longer.

One of the places that we sabotage ourselves most frequently is in our diet plan, weight loss plan or health goals.

It is our thoughts that undermine our goals.

They become a co conspirator in our negative thinking.

These thoughts can actually keep us from having the body we want, to accepting the body we have and interrupt our health in many different ways.

Once you are able to recognize what negative thoughts you use that limit you in your life, that weaken your metabolic power and that undermine feeling your best…you will be able to make choices and choose directions that benefit you long term.

I have created an amazing gift for you to help you go from victim to powerful. Click here and download your sabotage worksheet that will help you to clarify where you are self destructing!

Relax, Slow Down and Enjoy


Transforming Your Relationship with Food

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