My Diet is Better Than yours

There is a new show that has hit the Thursday night airwaves on ABC called My Diet is Better than Yours.

Ridiculous title I know, but of course I watched it because I wanted to tell you about it.

The set up is 5 competitors with 5 different diet health experts.

The competitors were allowed to chose the diet coach with the philosophy that resonated for them.

Competitors are 2 men who weigh 300 pounds or more and 3 women who weigh in the range of 200 to 235.

They have 12 weeks to lose as much weight as possible and at the finale they must be capable of running a half marathon.

The prize is a hefty $50,000…lots of motivation to win.

But let’s level the playing field. Women and men should not be in the same weight loss competition.

Yes there are other factors to weight loss other than muscle mass and testosterone, but in this type of superficial competition I would not do it.

Testosterone is a metabolic fire ball but I’m not recommending it as a weight loss strategy for women.

This is the lowdown.

A male contestant won the first week with a whopping 16 pound weight loss.

The other male contestant won the second week with a 7 pound weight loss.

At the end of the 2 weeks the male contestants had lost 21 and 17 pounds respectively. Hurrah for them.

At the end of the 2 weeks, two of the female contestants had lost a total of 9 pounds and one had lost 6 pounds.

The contestant who lost the 6 pounds did not lose any weight the 2nd week at all and she fired her coach.

Who is happiest? The male contestant that lost 21 pounds of course and he is also the oldest contestant in the competition. There goes the metabolism slows down with age excuse.

This show is the ideal trap for dieting. On the plus side they expose the viewers to different coaching styles.

On the negative side and this is BIG, the expectation for losing large amounts of weight in a really short period of time is…can I say a cliché “unrealistic.”

Also the coaches used some bullying tactics…ouch I would never do that to you.

…and the $50,000 prize is great incentive.

Viewer beware, the presentation of the show sets up unrealistic goals, the coaches are with the competitors all day watching their every move, and all the food is prepared for them.

Let’s switch over to real world…what is the best plan for you?

That is a conversation that we need to have because there isn't a one size fits all for dieting. Many factors need to be considered when choosing an eating plan, nurturing plan, a nourishing plan...get it.

The show suggests and many other people will concur that the meat fat diet allows people to shed pounds quickly and efficiently.

What about all the micronutrients that help with inflammation and free radicals? Where do they fit into that diet? According to the super cheery paleo coach, they come from coffee beans that you roasted yourself.

What really stands out for me is the amazing amount of information now available about food and nutrition in our society and yet people still suffer.

We are suffering over our food, our bodies and are chasing perfection.

The point is …enjoy the show, there is some information there, but keep yourself in balance.

It seems that the world often teaches us, and mistakenly, that we are somehow incomplete. If only we can find the right diet, weight, person or the right clothes, then we’ll be whole.

Everything will be OK from there, but not now, not until we find that moment of perfection.

Remember the phrases; the longest journey starts with a single step, one foot in front of the other wins the race, the highest mountain is reached one step at a time.

Sounds grueling doesn’t it, but it’s not. When you take that first step towards your dream, is a very exciting moment, monumental.

Start living your life now. I know you are hiding behind a bag of chips and waiting for a reality show to tantalize you into competing for $50K to lose weight.

Show up for yourself NOW and the rest of your life will follow.

What does showing up for you mean? It means to be present to yourself, to life, to the people you love.

Some of the tactics we use to avoid showing up are in my free report "The 7 Lies You Tell Yourself That Are Holding You Back From Your "Ideal" Weight."

Sadly, weight gain is often the result of not being present to ourselves. We then use dieting and losing weight as a strategy to get the life we want.

But we need to start to live the life we want and the bag of potato chips will no longer be appealing…I’m not kidding.

You can have the life you want anytime. Consider your hopes and dreams and then start taking that first step up the mountain.

Let me know what happens for you when you start taking those steps …or call me and I’ll get you started.

Relax, Slow Down and Enjoy,


Transforming Your Relationship with Food

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