The #2 Diet Trend to Avoid in 2016

The second diet trend hitting the street in 2016 is skipping breakfast.

PLEASE don’t say it is so. What is better than starting your day with a warm cup of something and eating scrumptious food?

The #1 and #2 diet trends for 2016, intermittent fasting and skipping breakfast, are telling us not to eat.

What does this tell us about our society?

Do you feel like you are a better person when you don’t eat?

Does it feel like you conquered yourself by not eating?

You tamed the bear, you overcame your body. You are now a superhero because you have dominated the needs of your body by not eating.

What does this line of thinking telling us about how we feel about our bodies, and ourselves?

It seems to me that it is saying our bodies are an annoyance, a hulk that does not look good in its clothes and yet we need to tolerate it, haul it around and try to tame its needs of fuel, pleasure and comfort.

I understand completely how you could come to those toxic thoughts about your body.

If those are your truths than read on because viewing our bodies as something we need to dominate is a prescription for failure.

Let's start with eating breakfast to begin our day on a positive note. Breakfast is the perfect transition time; from your sleep to the invigorating shower, to revving up your engine for the day. Don’t skip all that fun.

Skipping breakfast is like never eating at your favorite restaurant again, never eating your favorite dessert or never going for a walk on the beach, ever again.

That’s right; breakfast is the perfect zen moment that adds the fuel and the nutrients that you need for the day.

Skipping breakfast is ignoring your most basic fundamental needs; nourishment both with food and time.

AHA, not only are you skipping breakfast because you think you will save calories, but you also believe that you will save TIME.

It really gets down to deserving. Deserving the few brief minutes it takes to make breakfast and taking the time to eat…enjoyment, relaxation.

If you are doing this I get it. Our society tells us to do more, think about ourselves less. It's hard wired into our modern DNA.

If you want to feel great in your body and be a metabolic bonfire than remember you deserve deserve to sit down and relax for a few moments to enjoy breakfast and coffee, tea, water and lemon, whatever you like. It is fundamental to your well being.

Read “The 7 Lies You Tell Yourself That Are Holding You Back From Your “Ideal Weight,” lie #1, I am not good enough, to understand that most of us feel the same way that you do.

If you are depriving yourself of breakfast to save time, believe me this will catch up in the worst way.

The depletion that adds up throughout the day by skipping breakfast will make you feel like you went through a hurricane. GUARANTEED!

When you skip breakfast your body goes first into stress mode and then into calorie conservation mode.

The body works two ways; you support it and it supports you.

That’s how it happens, not through deprivation.

If you are depriving yourself of meals to save calories and not relaxing and slowing down to enjoy meals than your body will repay you by going into a metabolic slowdown.

I acknowledge all that you are doing and the importance of your time and for that very reason give yourself the gift of breakfast.

During breakfast, you don’t even need to think about what other great things are going to happen for you during the day; you only need to think about what am I going to eat and then sit down and savor every bite.

Relax, Slow Down and Enjoy!


Transforming Your Relationship with Food

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