How Changing Core Limiting Beliefs Surrounding Meals Increases Weight Loss

A friend emailed me the other day and said that he was having problems trying to slow down when he is eating. He added his insight; he said that IF he worked on the computer than it was easier to eat slowly.

I thought that was a very interesting perspective …BECAUSE he wasn’t slowing down while eating, he was not paying any attention at all to his meal which activates the sympathetic nervous system.

The sympathetic nervous system is super smart. It revs it’s engine when we try to perform two activities or more at once. When it’s on alert, digestion is slowed down.

My friend is like all of us; he thought if he did something else that would qualify as slowing down his eating, but it really slowed down his digestion.

Let’s apply that logic to something else. Let’s say you are not keen on running, but you heard that it was a good thing so you thought you would try it. Since you don’t really like running… you thought you would bring a book along as a distraction.

You open the book and read while running. (Crazy right!)

Except you aren’t really engaged with running. Your feet are lightly slapping the ground and you are barely lifting them off the pavement from one step to the next. You spend 30 minutes attempting to run and read to make it more enjoyable.

You tell everyone that you went running for 30 minutes. A month passes and you don’t receive any benefit from the running.

You might think that is a wild metaphor and it is. It points out how distraction depletes the benefit of being present to an activity. The runner thought it was OK to bring a book. He thought he would achieve the same benefits. It seems absurd, but that is his belief. It was true for him.

My friend thought he would receive the same benefits from eating if he was distracted by the computer too.

Your body also thinks it's just as crazy to be distracted by other activities when you are eating.

When you are distracted during your meals you don’t receive the full nutritional, digestive, pleasure benefits of the meal. Even if you eat the most nutritious food on the planet…your assimilation and metabolic fire will be diminished.

We are funny souls and we all have these core limiting beliefs in all areas of our life that are difficult to notice without some objectivity.

But my client did not know and you might not know either the many benefits and positives that happen when you choose to slow down to eat;

Increased gratitude – gratitude and being present are cousins

Greater connection with yourself and with other people around you

Increased digestive assimilation

Increased satiation

Greater metabolic fire

Greater nutrient assimilation

We are not at a shortage of ways to sabotage our best intentions.

Many of our behaviors are part of the collective consciousness which means that many people have the same behavior. It is not a behavior that we adapt individually. It is a behavior that we pick up through social contact.

Other sabotaging behaviors can be found in my FREE report “The 7 Lies That Are Holding You Back From Your “Ideal” Weight.”

Let me know how adding 20 minutes to each meal affects your life.


Transforming your relationship with food.

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