#1 Method to Yank a Sweet Tooth

People tend to have a favorite flavor; for some of us it’s savory or the more salty foods but for most of us it’s sweets.

I’ll go a step further; and for most of us sweet lovers, one sweet is not enough.

When it comes to sweets there is a tendency to want more than one and to overindulge.

When you’re at a party and the desserts are displayed on a table, do you go over and have one dessert or do you sample as many as you can get on your plate?

I understand completely… once that sweet tooth is cultivated it takes a lot of cupcakes to satisfy it and an apple is not going to take it away.

It’s easy to turn towards sugars for a soothing gratifying treat, especially when fatigued or stressed out…

What is the real story?

Today I’m going to give you back a category of foods that will help you release the grip of sugar.

Don’t go crazy on me… but the category of foods that will satisfy you and bring you into greater health is fats.

Eating fat is one of the essential macro nutrients needed for good health and does not equate to putting more fat on the body, I promise.

More healthy fat triggers metabolism and self corrects the body. In reality, eating fat helps to lose fat due to an increase in metabolic fire.

Fats slowly raise blood sugar and keep it stable for up to 4 hours; no other macronutrient can say that.

Fat contributes to digestion, using it as its primary source of energy, including contributing anti inflammatory and anti cancer affects and eventually being converted to more energy in the liver.

Fat gives that satiating and satisfied feeling to a meal of “I am full and am totally satisfied.”

And short bursts of exercise help burn fat while long moderate exercise burns sugar…very interesting.

I’m not talking about McDonald’s french fries kind of fat.

I’m talking about almonds, macadamia nuts, cashews, pistachios, everything coconut, eggs, raw cheese, butter or ghee, full fat dairy that is unpasteurized, olive oil and coconut oil.

Some of the issues equated with a low fat diet are emotional sensitivity, sleep problems, attention problems, vision symptoms, memory issues, allergic tendencies and other more severe consequences.

When you are nutritionally satisfied, you won’t stray down the path of cravings…

Cravings are associated with imbalance. We as a society are out of balance in so many areas. Sugar is just one of them.

Don’t feel bad, it’s not you, you just didn’t know.

The best place to put your fats are on vegetables, added to smoothies – that’s right now it will keep you full – salad dressings, and oatmeal.

And make sure you have adequate protein.

… like eggs from pasteur raised chickens, grass fed beef, wild caught fish and organically raised chickens (FYI chickens are not vegetarians).

Or if you are a vegetarian, like myself, than eat an adequate amount of beans, organic tofu, if you like tempeh – great, almond butter, and lentils.

If you eat a muffin or the equivalent for breakfast which does not have very good fat or adequate protein, you are starting your day at a disadvantage.

And when you start beating yourself when the cravings kick in, just think back to the muffin – blame the muffin not yourself.

Drip some butter over your asparagus, added a teaspoon or even a tablespoon of coconut oil to your smoothie and feel what it is like to have your metabolic fire soar and to put your cravings to rest.

If you want more information on how to have an empowered relationship with food that doesn’t leave you confused and dissatisfied read “The 7 Lies That Are Holding You Back From Your “Ideal” Weight.”

Until next time…I’m transforming your relationship with food


"I believe in your wholeness and your right to live a healthy empowered life full of love."

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