Three Gifts to Give Yourself During the Holidays and Everyday

One of the many complaints about the holiday season is the frantic pace, the demands and the commercialization of this time of year.

We are always thinking of others (don’t stop doing that); what we can do for them, are we meeting expectations, how we can show up for them.

The pressure of too many choices causes extreme stress, which is the #1 metabolic defeater.

To show up for others, we need to show up for ourselves first.

To do this give yourself the three gifts that won’t cost a thing.

#1. Give yourself Time - There are so many reasons to slow down and when I say slow down, I really mean cultivate awareness around what you are eating and doing. Like food and calories, we all have our own needs, style and response to what is too fast or too slow. We want to find what is optimal for us. Intuitively you know the answer, but I’m going to give you a rule to follow that will help you tune in when you need to slow down and cultivate more awareness. When we are going too fast, we can’t feel. Ouch, we know automatically that is not good.

#2. Give yourself the gift of Pleasure - When we are rushing our pleasure meter goes way down. We don’t even know where we are sometimes. We only know that we are rushing from one place to the next and our mantra is hurry. Who cares about going somewhere or doing something if we are not enjoying ourselves? The body is hardwired for pleasure on many levels. Taste, sleep, comfort – these are all registered as pleasure by the body. When we eat but don’t notice what we are eating, we bypass the satiation mechanism. Ouch again. Paying attention to our food increases the pleasure of eating, increases our metabolic fire. That’s a gift for you.

#3. Give yourself the gift of Relaxation - Notice all three of these gifts are interrelated. When we make time, we relax and increase pleasure. That is the optimal combination, but it doesn’t mean that all three exist together. You might have carved some time for yourself, but you don’t know how to relax. Let me give you a few choices that will open the doorway to relaxation; sit outside with a cup of tea, glass of water, a cup of hot chocolate and bring some bread to feel the squirrels or birds. Try an Epsom salt and baking soda bath, guaranteed you will sleep like Rip Van Winkle. Write a letter to yourself, giving yourself credit for the great life you’ve created. Disease is the language of stress, and decreases calorie burning power. Final Ouch – that statement certainly sounds the alarm for giving yourself the gift of relaxation.

My wish for you this holiday season is that you have time to relax and feel pleasure for all that you have.


Transforming Your Relationship with Food

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