How to Eat for Increased Metabolism, Improved Digestion, and Ultimate Pleasure

I don’t care that I’ve heard “I’m so busy during the holidays” one thousand times, I know that I will hear it one thousand times more.

The word holiday seems to go hand in hand with stressed out and knowing that is how people are feeling in general makes me sad, really sad.

The point of holidays is to celebrate and if everyone around you is celebrating at the expense of your exhaustion…

Well I don’t need to tell you something needs to change and we aren’t going to change the holiday.

Nor are we going to change celebrating. We need celebrations and we need to take time from our routines, our work schedules and our to do lists to step into more graceful moments in life.

Even if you’ve gone over budget with the gift buying or if you have a more conservative view and just want to spend time with those you love without commercial input; slowing down is the key to creating everlasting memories and enjoyment.

Meal times are the best moment in our days to slow down. We have to eat, our bodies want food and don’t tell me that yours doesn’t…because I know it does.

The more you slow down when you are eating the more enjoyment you attain (was that so obvious), the better digestive assimilation (you might not have put that one together) and the higher the metabolic fire (I know you didn’t know that one.)

Slowing down during meals is the place to stop, review what’s going on in your day, in your world, with the people you love and then get back out there and enjoy whatever it is you enjoy about this time of year.

How to slow down when you just can’t slow down:

1 – DON’T GO MOBILE … Give yourself the gift of time when you eat, take it really slow. Instead of eating at the counter, in the car, on the go, TALKING ON THE PHONE, while at the ATM machine- SIT DOWN and plan at least an hour for each meal. And don’t tell me that is too long, it is not too long and you deserve it. OK breakfast can be shorter, but for lunch and dinner 1 hour.

2 – BE THE LAST PERSON TO PICK UP YOUR FORK, SPOON, CHOPSTICKS … There are two ways to accomplish this slow down method; either eating solo or with others. If you are eating with family, friends, business associates whatever the scenario, before you start eating, look around the table, make eye contact with everyone and then, BE THE LAST PERSON TO PICK UP YOUR FORK … this will give you time for your entire being to be involved in the process of eating. If you are eating alone – it happens – then learn how to pause in those few minutes before you start eating by pretending that there are other people at the table. I know that sounds silly, but the point is to take time looking at the meal before you DIG IN. This is called cephalic digestion and it is a metabolic game changer.

3 – PUT YOUR FORK DOWN BETWEEN BITES... You’ve heard the suggestion; chew every bite 20 times, maybe 100 – honestly I’ve tried it and it is miserable, takes all the fun out of eating. How to do that without knowing that you are doing it… And I mean all the way down on the plate and your hand goes somewhere else- in your lap, on the table, wherever you want it to go. Does that sound obvious and easy, well it is not. You’ll see when you try it…I think what you’ll notice is that the next bite is on its way into the cave of your mouth – that’s right – before you swallowed the first bite…putting the fork down between bites, another digestive game changer.

Whatever is happening for you during the holiday season, REMEMBER these tips, THEY WILL SERVE YOU WELL THE REST OF THE YEAR … and become a way of life for you all throughout the year.

Happy holidays to each and everyone of you.

Relax, Slow Down and Enjoy,


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