How to Beat a Sugar Addiction by Eating Chocolate

Hi, I’m Susan Gerrish, and I’m a sugar addict.

I’ve struggled with this “addiction” for most of my life. It started many many moons ago.

This is not like the alcohol theory where I can never eat sugar again. It’s something I LEARNED how to manage …and I was the most surprised when I was able to do that.

At times I felt REALLY frustrated, despondent and hopeless, like a slug, disgusted and a failure!

I was finally able to make peace with the sugar monster, but not until I tried a million different things.

I’m not going to share all of the ugly details, but I went from eating entire batches of cookies, (yes they were chocolate chip!), to several candy bars at a time, plus lots of other things.

It was so bad that I had a fantasy about a cake being thrown at my face so that I could eat it without feeling guilty. (THANK YOU, for letting me share this secret with you!)

I’ve read many articles and followed lots of advice on how to get over sugar cravings, and as good as the suggestions are they didn’t really make the difference.

I was always in the danger zone.

As much as I craved sweet foods, I lived in fear of them. Let me tell you how scary it was for me to have a plate of cookies in front of me. I needed sweet things to make me feel better, to make me feel like EVERYTHING was going to be OK.

But overeating sweets only made me feel bad and disappointed in myself.

But enough about me!

In my report “The 7 Lies You Tell Yourself That Are Holding You Back From Your “Ideal Weight” lie # 3, If Only I Had More Willpower, explains how willpower really works.

Would you like to know how I beat the cookie monster?


I gave myself PERMISSION

I told myself that if giving myself permission didn’t soothe the craving then I would live with it.

SO I stopped fighting where I wanted to go.

When I went to Starbuck’s to get an afternoon coffee, I would include the espresso brownie.

Guess what…totally enjoyed it…no reaction – because I had permission.

If I did it, so can YOU!

I love to look at pastries…believe it or not…or confections like Godiva…they are so gorgeous. You too?

Now I can look at them and appreciate the beautiful treasures that they are, like jewelry, without ordering everything in the case.

I eat chocolate every day after lunch…bottom line, no more sugar addiction and I love eating the chocolate- LOVE IT!


Relax, Slow Down and Enjoy!

Free Report Reveals: The 7 Lies You Tell Yourself That Are Holding You Back From Your "Ideal" Weight.

...and the simple truth that will set you free!

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