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Is Your Eating Speaking To You?

Food is the perfect place to express our emotions. When something is bothering us … a lot or even a little … food becomes the reservoir for that emotion.

Overeating is the symptom not the problem.

Food becomes the holding place for our feeling(s).

We celebrate around food and when things go wrong we also turn to food…but usually when we are alone.

Imagine that all of your experiences live in your body (they really do) and some of them are not that pleasant.

What do you do with them?

There are many ways to process our feelings and when you feel stuck, don’t know what is driving your eating and feel out of control, building awareness about that feeling is the path to relief.

Just saying out loud “I feel out of control”…is the first step.


Guess what, it’s OK. We all feel out of control at times, if not, much of the time. And it’s ok to reach for release with food.

Next time you have the box of cookies, the bag of chips or the container of ice cream on your lap, say “I feel out of control” and observe what happens next.


Relax, Slow Down, and Enjoy!

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