The Queen of Sheba, Pistachios and My Relentless Pursuit To Reclaim Our Bodies

Do you ever feel that when it comes to your "Diet", you are on a hamster wheel?

The Queen of Sheba declared pistachios a royal food and forbade commoners, like us, from growing them.

Wow! Did you know that? ...I didn't.

The second largest producer of pistachios is actually right in our backyard ...Can you guess?

California! The first is Iran.

But we are not here just for the trivia my friends, -- I want you to know that this little dish of deliciousness of ONLY 80 CALORIES of pure bliss can be purchased at none other than Publix’s.

And ...they are also a great source of protein which is contrary to the popular belief that they make you fat. NOT TRUE!

So, my suggestion: Carry them in your pocket or purse, bring with you every where, share with a friend, they'll thank you for it.

Once you start eating these little suckers you'll be surprise how quickly and effectively they satisfy your hunger!

A few more fun facts.

Pistachios are also called the 'green almond' and are known as the 'smiling nut' in Iran and the 'happy nut' in China.

They are also in the cashew family. I even read that they are the seed of a fruit, but I’m going to dispute that piece of trivia.

By the way did you know mangos and pistachios are both in the cashew family ...they are related, but yet look nothing alike... uhmm!

What are you waiting for?

Go get'em ...Stop your cravings, satisfy your appetite and boost your energy naturally whenever you need to!

So relax, slow down and enjoy! :-)

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