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Last night seven magical souls, tethered in purpose, came to the space attached to my office to share in the offerings of meditation. They were mostly women and a single male each with their own wound to heal, their own radiance to emanate and their own energy to soothe. They were tall short, light and dark, anxious and calm. We sat in two rows facing west; yogis, Buddhists and novices alike, hopeful that the hour would bring the result we anticipated, each in our own way. I led with minimal discussion but with soothing movements, expansive breath and a cadence that evoked a blanket of peace throughout the room. We each fed from that communal trough that eventually led us into the sweet dusk of early evening. With the final Om we rested in stillness, our souls filled, our bodies relaxed and our minds at peace.

As is usual for me, this morning I sat in meditation, but it wasn’t the same. I miss those seven souls that filled the room with their special magic…until next week.

#soul #mediation #weightloss #calm #peace #anxiety #yoga #buddhism

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