Food is the perfect place to hide out when we want to extinguish pain, frustration and hurtful memories.  In our sessions, we will explore mind body and holistic nutrition distinctions as they apply to you and design strategies for you that will revolutionize the way you view eating, body image and nourishment.



I work with individuals, groups and businesses locally, nationally and internationally. Private sessions begin with a Discover You meeting to understand and assess your lifestyle, stress or challenges to assist us in setting goals for what you would like to achieve in our time together.

The assessment is a comprehensive look at who you are and what is driving your unwanted behaviors and relationship towards life. 

In each session, we will take a deeper dive into toxic beliefs that undermine your abilities to have a healthy relationship with food that both nurtures and nourishes you. You will learn how to increase your metabolic fire while discovering how to release sabotaging behaviors. Our work together will be supported through activity and exploration that will increase your relationship to life and the world around you. 

At the end of each session, I provide feedback about where I believe change is needed, along with a personalized plan designed to meet your challenges and to achieve your goals. 

Our work together will empower you to feel good about your body and life. These protocals have been tested again and again over time and enabled clients to liberate themselves from non stop self defeating - self talk to be able to harness that energy to become the amazing human being they were born to be. Call me to schedule a free consult to discuss your concerns.