March 29th, 2016


As yoga practitioners, sometimes we feel like we need to be perfect. I expect that many of us have looked over at someone in class and envied their ability... 


March, 2016


How to Increase Metabolic Fire Through the Pleasure of Eating. 


"We are not just metabolizing food. We are metabolizing our thoughts, feelinngs, emotions, past experiences, current stressors and fear of the furture too."


Find the article on page 32 of the online magazine. 

February 17th, 2016


Susan Gerrish talks to Tonya Scholz and Sandra Lopez about her journey into Mind Body Weight. Fast forward to 11:26 to hear the beginning of the interview. 


August, 2015


Weightloss, Finding the Missing Link.


" 'The mind and body are not seperate and we just cannot treat one without the other.' "


Find the article on page 40 of the online magazine. 

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