Zaida G. 

Miami, Florida


I am a Home Inspector, and I need my health, energy, and the ability to move easily through small spaces like attics and crawlspaces. Over the past year, I gained 15 pounds, I felt bloated, my clothes didn’t fit, I was not feeling well and my energy was low. The worst part was it was harder for me to move around in the small spaces so it was affecting my work. I started sessions with Susan, and immediately made changes. I continued with more sessions, because it was crucial for my everlasting success. Her suggestions  got me in a better place and released stress.  I started feeling a lot better overall!! She never asked my weight, only when I started in the intake questionnaire sheet. One day after the holidays, she asked me how I weighed. Until that point, I had not realized that I had lost 10 pounds!!! How could I have lost 10 lbs after the holidays, and not realized it? It is because I changed the way I was eating, what I was eating, and the time I was eating. Now I can do that naturally because it is part of my daily habits and I would not have achieved this without Susan’s coaching. With her expertise, I got into eating habits that I never had before. I highly recommend her. You will love her, she is very sweet and kind, and very knowledgeable in her field.

Sylvia R.

Miami, Florida


I can't thank Susan enough for helping me get in contact with myself again. I had not realized that I was focused so much on helping others that I had lost my way and it was impacting my health. She helped me find balance in my life and that automatically helped me focus more on the health of my family. She brought me back to myself in mind, body and spirit impacting my overall wellness and my relationships with family and friends. Thank you Susan for bringing me back again.  

Debbie H.

Lexena, Kansas


I really enjoyed working with Susan on my body image and weight concerns. She is patient, kind and really listened and responded to my unique challenges.  Susan identified problem areas in my diet and meal timing as well as factors that were driving my overeating before bed time. She has given me a variety of great strategies to overcome these challenges and achieve lifelong changes.  And the best part is these strategies don't include strict eating plans that take away the pleasure of eating or aggressive exercise plans that are difficult to maintain.  I would highly recommend Susan to family, friends or anyone looking to overcome eating, digestion, body image and related issues! We never even saw each other in person. It was all over SKYPE.

Rose M.

Miami, Florida


What I love about Susan is she is so personable and so knowledgable about all of these things and her abiity to communicate is key.  The minute you meet her you like her.

Chris N. and Nisette C.

Miami, Florida


My wife and I signed up for sessions with Susan and it was one of the best decisions we have made. She helped us realize not only how we affect each others eating habits, but she also showed us a better way to look at how we eat. She guided us to a better path of eating habits, and she helped us to feel better about ourselves. I highly recommend this program to anyone. We feel better physically and mentally. In addition, Susan adds a personal touch to this that makes you feel welcome.

Monika G.

Naples, Florida


One thing about Susan that I adore and isn't teachable is that she is an incredibly intuitive person and a great listener.  To have someone like that on your team is super valuable.  I know she is very passionate and I'm so excited she is helping people and saving lives.  She's perfect for it. 

Kathleen K.

San Diego, California


Susan is such a great woman. Just to have one on one contact with her is healing.  She has a great spirit and personality, she's in shape and you want to look at someone who has the key to their own body and success.